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Yuriko and Samon

Yuriko Hirose's Artist Statement

Ever since I was a child, I have dreamed many dreams. A common theme that appears in these dreams are people, animals and trees with Spiritual Energy. In one dream, I dreamed of a person and some dead trees. When the person threw fruit filled with Spiritual Energy at the trees, they sprung back to life and began to dance. And the people,inspired by the vibrant trees and fresh air of nature,also became vibrant... The color of that space changed, and sounds could be heard. The world contained in that space was changing...
I believe that good things, bad things, things that bring us pain,and death, which calls upon all living things,will all return to me one day as something positive. When I create works of art, althought it is never visible, I try to express Spiritual Energy, the source of "life".
I create both paintings and sculpture from tha same perspective. In the 1980's Andy Warhol commented to me that I had a unique sense of three-dimensional space and fascinating concepts. Even when I am painting, I always think about what would happen if the work I am to develop were in three-dimensionally.
At present, I am active in New York,LA and Japan. Throughtout my art, I have conveyed a message of universality that is irrespective of country, race and religion. The concept behind my work is a blend of futuristic elements that reflect evolving science and machinery, and primitive elements such as life force and passion (energy) that reflect the more fundamental aspects of modern humans.
Throughtout the mismatch that occurs when things with primitive meaning occur in modern form, I have created a style that enables people who see my work to recollect forgotten memories. I hope that people will be able to enjoy this experience through my work


Selected Exhibitions

2012-Online Gallery - Art for Collectors
2012I overcame care of mother and a disease of my own and started activity again.
2007-2010 Open studio in Shizuoka, JAPAN
2006Art Basel Miami ( NY ART Magazine ) (Florida, USA)
2005Online Exhibition
 World of Art Award
2004Park Performing Center, Group Exhibition = Painting (New Jersey, USA)
2003Lafayette Grill and Bar, Solo Exhibition = Painting (New York, USA)
2002-2003 Marmar-Manhattan Gallery, Solo Exhibition =Sculpture, Painting (New York, USA)
1999RTKL Associate Inc,Gallery,Solo Exhibition =Sculpture, Painting (California, USA)
1997Ross Watkins Gallery, Solo Exhibition =Sculpture, Painting (California, USA)
1996Laguna Beach festival of Art ,Entrance=Sculpture (California, USA)
1995FACT Contemporary Exhibition Space,Solo exhibition =Sculpture (California, USA)
1994Gallery CK,Solo Exhibition = Painting (Tokyo, Japan)
1993Takashimaya Contemporary Art Space, Solo Exhibition = Sculpture, Painting (Tokyo, Japan)
1992Gallery Asakurosu, Solo Exhibition = Painting (Tokyo, Japan)
1991Fukuoka Bay Side Place = Out door sculpture (Fukuoka, Japan)
1989Fukushima Museum、Group Exhibition = Sculpture (Fukushima, Japan)
1987SEIBU Gallery Space、Solo Exhibition (Aichi, Japan
1987Studio Ebis, Solo Exhibition = Sculpture (Tokyo, Japan)
1985NEWS Gallery, Solo Exhibition = Painting, Relief (Tokyo, Japan)
1985AXIS Gallery, Group Exhibition = Painting, Sculpture (Tokyo, Japan)

Selected Commissions

2003Miyakonojou city、Public Space = Out door sculpture (Miyazaki, Japan)
2001ANA Air Line,Fukuoka Air port=Painting
 (Fukuoka, Japan) 1998 Kappa Novels = Book Cover(Tokyo, Japan)
1998-2001 Restauranrt CASA Art works, Painting, Relief (13 shops)
 (Sapporo, Chiba, Tokyo, Otsu, Osaka, Takatsuki and other cities in Japan)
1996Kannamicho Welfare Center= Sculpture (Shizuoka, Japan)
1995Toho School, Izumi School house = Out door sculpture (Tokyo, Japan)
1985-2004 SEIBU depertment Art works =Painting,Sculpture
 (Sendai, Tokyo, Kawasaki, Shizuoka,Takatsuki and other cities in Japan)

Awards and Prizes

2007Public Art for Beijing Olympics = City sculpture Proposals "Award of Merit" (China)
2005 "Prize of Excellence" ART NOW (UK)
2003"PRINT" Regional Annual (USA)
1988SEIBU,SEED ”Time and Space”DDA Prize (Japan)
1987SEIBU,SEED "1st Anniversary" DDA Prize (Japan)
1985YurakuchoSEIBU, DDA Prize, ADC Prize (Japan)
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